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ZF41/1 K98k sharpshooter's scope 'kov'

ZF41/1 K98k sharpshooter's scope 'kov'


A nice original ZF41/1 model 1.5x sharpshooter's scope for the K98k rifle. As a scope, the ZF41 and all of its variants were used relatively widely between 1941-1945. The benefit of both acquiring targets at longer ranges, whilst also increasing the accuracy of fire at such distances, proved significant.


This particular example of the ZF41/1 scope was produced under the maker code 'kov', which denotes the manufacturer as Etablissement Barbier, Benard et Turenne, situated in German occupied Paris. The style of the lubrication marking (O) dates the production to some time during 1943. 


The scope also still retains its original mount which is in similarly good, used condition. This part is clearly marked 'duv WaA214' to the right arm for Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik, Lübeck - which was the facility where all of ZF41 mounts were made throughout the war. 


As is often the case, the optics would require some attention if this scope is to be used on a rifle again. This also includes the reticule, since the horizontal posts have faded. Nonetheless, the scope can still be said to be clear with some haze and working. All of the adjustment dials also function as they should.

Of course, it would certainly make a great display piece as it is! 


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