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Zeiss 'rln' 8x38 Handwinkelfernrohr 03 + tripod

Zeiss 'rln' 8x38 Handwinkelfernrohr 03 + tripod


An extremely rare example of the late-war Zeiss 8x38 'Handwinkelfernrohr 03' periscope, manufactured under the 'rln' code during late 1944/45! 


This optic was essentially Zeiss's answer to replacing the standard SF14 periscope, and was used in late in the war within vehicles such as the StuG, Sd.Kfz.161/2, 171, 182, 250 and 251. It could also be mounted to the standard Gestell 40 tripod or tree spike mount, for use by ground infantry. 


This particular example retains the vast majority of the original, untouched factory tan paint throughout. 


The optics would benefit from a cleaning, however, the focussing mechanism remains operational on both sides. Plus they also retain the internal H/6400 Strichplatte rangefinder reticle.


An original Gestell 40 model wooden optic tripod is also included, as shown. Together they make for an excellent combat equipment display, and would be a great set for any collector of optics or late-war field gear! 

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