Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars + Benutzer

Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars + Benutzer


An excellent pair of Zeiss 'blc' coded 7x50 U-boat binoculars in full original condition, complete with all of the rubber armour and also the elusive bakelite Benutzer cover! 


Each U-boat would have carried a complement of 10 of these binoculars for use on watch duties whilst surfaced.


Factory finished in the typical KM shade of yellow/green, this particular set retains 95%+ of the original textured painted finish - unique to the early production period of the 3rd model of Zeiss U-boat binocular. 


As per usual on Zeiss binoculars of this quality, the fixed-focus and coated optics on this pair are truly stunning - producing a crystal clear image! Quite remarkable given the fact that they have not been opened since manufacture.


This pair comes direct from our own personal collection and are about as good as this model of highly sought-after U-boat binoculars get!