Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars

Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars


An excellent pair of Zeiss 'blc' coded 7x50 U-boat binoculars in great condition, complete with all of the original rubber armour and leather neck strap. 


Each U-boat would have carried a complement of 10 of these binoculars for use on watch duties whilst surfaced.


Factory finished in the typical KM shade of yellow/green, this particular set retains 95%+ of the original textured painted finish - unique to the early production period of the 3rd model of Zeiss U-boat binocular. In this case serial number '47063'. 


The fixed-focus and coated optics on this pair still produce a very usable image after all this time, however, they would still benefit from an internal clean to remove some minor outgassing for a crystal clear view. 


An iconinc optic that should be a must within any Kriegsmarine collection!