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Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars

Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars


A very nice pair of Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 fixed-focus U-boat binoculars in completely original condition. Each U-boat would have carried a complement of 10 of these binoculars for use on watch duties whilst surfaced. 


Finished in the typical KM shade of yellow/green, this particular set still retains 95%+ of the factory-applied paint, as well as all of the original black rubber armour. These are very seldom found in such excellent cosmetic condition!


The optics, whilst still somewhat usable, would certainly benefit from an internal clean to return them to a fully servicable state, if desired. This is due to some dullness in the image produced, likely also as a result of wear to the objective lens coatings - a common issue with the seemingly less durable rose coloured coating material that was chosen for use later in the war. Both sides remain in collimation.


Overall, a pair which still remains as a superb, displayable example of a highly prized and iconic artefact from the infamous U-boat arm of the Kriegsmarine naval forces!

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