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Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars

Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars


A very nice original pair of mid-war Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 U-boat binoculars in completely untouched, used condition. 


Factory finished in the typical KM shade of yellow/green, this particular set retains much of the original paint as well as all of the period black rubber armour. The latter does show some age cracking as is to be expected, but remains in good overall shape. 


The fixed-focus and coated optics on this pair are truly stunning, producing a crystal clear image as to be expected from Zeiss optical instruments built to this standard! 


As such, not only is this example a great collectible piece of U-boat history, but also one that remains fully functional and could easily rival any modern equivalent! 

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