Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars: D-day provenance

Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars: D-day provenance


A stunning, untouched set of late-war Kriegsmarine issue Zeiss 7x50 'gas ocular' binoculars! 


The binoculars remain in near mint condition, retaining 99%+ of the original black factory-applied paint finish. The Carl Zeiss 'blc' maker code and late-war seven digit serial number are nicely marked to the right-hand prism plate. 


The rubber gas mask eyecups, which remain fully extendable, are also free from any damage unlike on most surviving pairs today. The original Benutzer cover also still remains fitted, name inscribed to their German owner 'Pietsch' and date '1944'. 


The coated optics remain truly outstanding and focus exceptionally well. Indeed, we would even go so far as to say that this particular pair are up there with the clearest/sharpest optics of any binocular we have ever handled! 


The original case, produced from rubberised Ersatz material, is also presented in similarly great condition. Clearly marked with the matching Zeiss 'blc' maker code, it also retains all four of the internal filter holders and a fully functioning outer closure tab. 


Provenance: This pair comes from the estate of Lt. Colonel C.F. Hutchinson (East Yorkshire Regiment) who had D-Day service connections to operations involved in capturing Sword Beach, Normandy, before being injured. The accompanying tag attached to the binoculars is now mostly illegible, but is left present as it was found. 


Overall, a superb set and one which have certainly been together since the day they were issued! Should you only want one pair in your collection, then here it is!