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Zeiss 8x60 'slim' Kriegsmarine U-boat Commander binoculars 'blc'

Zeiss 8x60 'slim' Kriegsmarine U-boat Commander binoculars 'blc'


A scarce original pair of the so-called 'slim' Kriegsmarine Zeiss 'blc' 8x60 binoculars, which were issued to and used almost exclusively by U-Boat commanders! 


Whilst this pair have clearly 'been there', exhibiting relatively minor wear to the textured outer coating, they still remain in very good overall condition and come complete with the original, detachable rubber eyecups which are very rarely seen. 


The optics, aside from one (!) small speck of debris, are simply outstanding and easily rate as being crystal clear. Indeed they are amongst the very best, optically, that we have ever had the pleasure to use - producing a super sharp and bright image that would rival any handheld binocular, new or old. 


The internal reticule (vertical aiming line) is also still completely intact. 


Naturally, this pair would make the perfect addition to a display within any KM or U-Boat related collection, as well as comprising an item which can still be used today!


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