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Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine gas mask binoculars 'blc'

Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine gas mask binoculars 'blc'


A nice example of the mid to late-war Kriegsmarine issue Zeiss 7x50 'gas ocular' binoculars, as issued to coastal troops, those stationed aboard surface vessels and U-Boats etc. 


They are marked with the Carl Zeiss Jena 'blc' maker code and serial numbered to the right-hand prism plate. 


As to be expected with quality Zeiss binoculars such as these, the optics still remain in good order to this day. 


This set comes as it was found here in the UK and have not even been cleaned or wiped down externally etc. They have also clearly been stored for a very long time inside the inscribed/personalised British leather case, going off the condition of the rubber eyepieces (due to being stored on end). 


Yet they remain a very nice, honest and completely functional set of Zeiss Kriegsmarine binoculars! 

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