Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars 'blc'

Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars 'blc'


A near complete set of late-war Kriegsmarine issue Zeiss 7x50 'gas ocular' binoculars, as issued to coastal troops and those stationed aboard suface ships and U-Boats! 


This pair set comes with the original case, leather neck strap, button flap and 3 of the original sun filters. The Bakelite 'Benutzer' ocular guard is a very good reproduction, fitted with an original cord and clamp. 


The binoculars remain in very nice original condition, with fully extendable rubber gasmask eyepieces. The Zeiss 'blc' maker code and late-war seven digit serial number are marked to the right-hand prism plate. 


As to be expected with Zeiss binoculars, the optics remain excellent and focus very well. Given that this set has not been messed with, they also still contain the correct KM crosshair rangefinder reticule in the right-hand side. All lenses are coated. 


The case, produced from rubberised Ersatz material, is also presented in similarly good condition and marked with the late-war Zeiss 'rln' maker code. 

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