Zeiss 6x30 Kriegsmarine gas ocular binoculars + accessories

Zeiss 6x30 Kriegsmarine gas ocular binoculars + accessories


A super scarce pair of pre-war Reichsmarine / Kriegsmarine issue 'gas ocular' 6x30 binoculars, presented exactly as found, which have at some stage received an appealing overpaint in the typical KM shipboard grey colour. 


They are nicely inscribed with the Carl Zeiss Jena maker's logo, as well as the early style Reichsadler property markings (which remain partially visible beneath the overpaint on the left side prism plate).


As to be expected with quality Zeiss binoculars such as these, the optics do still remain in good useable order to this day despite never being opened since they were made! Both rubber eyecups also remain fully extendable. 


The binoculars also come with the original storage case, matching maker marked 'Carl Zeiss Jena' and Reichsadler marked. Even the shoulder strap has clear KM property markings, as shown. Both filters - having also received the same shipboard colour overpaint - are also still included and stored inside! 


In nearly a decade of collecting optics this remains the only example of this variant which we have been able to obtain. Certainly one that's not to be missed for any collectors of KM related items or optics!