Winter camouflage MG34/42 ammo tin 'S.m.K.'

Winter camouflage MG34/42 ammo tin 'S.m.K.'


A superb original lightweight aluminium Patronenkasten 34 ammo can for the MG34/42, finished in a winter camouflage overpaint.


Numerous paint layers can be seen beneath, including parts of the factory applied field grey (and red oxide primer), as well as another previous yellow/green camouflage scheme. 


Other hand painted markings, to include the four digit MG34/42 serial number (located between the top handle hinges) and the 'S.m.K.' designation for armour piercing rounds (located on one end), are also visible underneath the final winter camo finish. 


All of the handles also retain their original leather covers.


This one comes straight from our personal collection and surely comprises one the best winter camo MG ammo cans, or any piece of combat equipment for that matter, that you will ever find!