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WH/W-SS Italian camo winter parka

WH/W-SS Italian camo winter parka


A very nice original example of the late-war (3rd pattern) Wehrmacht/W-SS winter parka which was produced using captured stockpiles of Italian Telo Mimetico pattern camouflage material. 

This example remains in very good, used condition with only minor wear and superb vibrant colours throughout. 
Interestingly, the interior of this example is lined with the standard Heer field issue red striped blanket - with typical rayon lining to the sleeves and elasticated cuffs. 
This parka was originally a US veteran bring-back item and was captured by Dick Galloway, who served within the US 2nd Armoured Division. Pictures and a tag containing this information are stored within one of the pockets and are included, as shown. 


The jacket is ink size marked '1' in the typical German format. 
A great example which would form an ideal base to use for something such as a late-war 1944/45 Ostfront or Ardennes mannequin setup etc. 
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