Wffm. MG34 Zwilling anti-aircraft spider sight 'K WaA20'

Wffm. MG34 Zwilling anti-aircraft spider sight 'K WaA20'


An incredibly rare example of an original Waffenmeister modified AA spider sight for the MG34 which remains in very good original condition! 


Comprising an additional outer ring to enable more accurate targetting of faster planes, this variation is most often seen within period photographs in use with the MG34 employed upon the Zwillingsockel dual MG mount.


The sight is marked with an early 'K' code/logo and WaA20 proofs to the base, as well as having another visible WaA to the underside when originally produced - this is now partially covered by the additional outer ring attachment.  


All in all, this particular example is hands down the finest example of its type which we have ever come across.  


Certainly one of the rarest of the rare when it comes to all of the MG34 accessories that were produced during the war - it is almost impossible to find an example like this which isn't either ground-dug or in relatively poor condition. Don't miss it!