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Waffenmeister MG34 small spares tin

Waffenmeister MG34 small spares tin


A wonderful example of the Waffenmeister small spares set for the MG34, which remains exactly as it was found. A true time capsule piece! 


The kit comes complete with all of the small parts shown, many of which are maker marked or Waffenamt etc. The highlights of which include: front sight assembly, dust cover, bipod leaf clips (x2), bipod stud and buffer retaining buttons. 


These are all stored within an excellent, near mint condition small parts box which is ink Waffenamt marked. The tin retains 99% of the original grey/green paint to the exterior and the typical red oxide primer colour on the inside. 


A remarkable set and certainly the most complete set we've encountered in 10+ years of collecting MG34/42 related items - you literally couldn't fit any more items in if you tried! 

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