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U-boat Polar Bear tradition badge + photographs (U-108)

U-boat Polar Bear tradition badge + photographs (U-108)


A very scarce original example of the Polar Bear tradition badge for the Type IXB U-boat number U-108. Produced from brass, this emblem was to be worn on the crew member's sidecaps and this example shows the sewing holes where this was once attached. 


This example also comes with a trio of assorted photos from U-108, which were acquired separately, depicting parade duties and crew members wearing the typical 3/4 length grey leather overcoats. 


A relatively successful boat, U-108 was involved in 11 patrols between 1940-1944, successfully sinking 25 ships during this period (118,722 GRT total tonnage). The boat was eventually destroyed itself, during a US air raid, whilst docked at the U-boat base in Stettin. 


Further information on this particular U-boat is very well documented, including published works relating to the photo album of a crew member who served aboard U-108 during its active service. 

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