Two-tone camouflage MG34/42 ammo box 'HDK WaA'

Two-tone camouflage MG34/42 ammo box 'HDK WaA'


Here's one which certainly didn't sit the war out!


It is clear to see that this early war, aluminium Patronenkasten 34 box first started out in the factory field grey/brown camo scheme - before being later oversprayed in the field in a very appealing tan/green 2-tone camo scheme - reminiscent of that seen in use on the Mediterranean Front and also by specific units such as FJR6 etc. 


This box remains in completely untouched, as found condition - including various handwritten inscriptions. These mostly appear to be names, nicknames and initials such as "Cattey Joe", "JJC" and "Calabro". Note that the latter could also relate to the Calabria region of Italy... 


Nevertheless, in a market where the fakes are becoming increasingly common, here is a great opportunity to secure a guaranteed 'one-look original' camouflaged MG34/42 ammo box in what is, arguably, one of most sought after schemes! 


Perfect to display with camouflage helmets or other equipment in the same two-tone pattern!