Srb & Stys 'bmk' 7x50 Dienstglas binoculars + Ersatz case 'bmk'

Srb & Stys 'bmk' 7x50 Dienstglas binoculars + Ersatz case 'bmk'


An excellent condition example of the 7x50 Dienstglas binoculars, with flip-up eyecups, as produced by Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente, Prag, under the 'bmk' maker code.


Contrary to the usual belief that Dienstglas binoculars were solely the preserve of Heer, Luftwaffe, W-SS forces etc - this particular model has notable connections to those which were produced under contract for the Kriegsmarine, given the use of flip-up eyecups to enable use in conjunction with a gas mask. 


This pair retains 95%+ of the typical rough textured finish to the main body. They also come complete with the leather ocular rainguard, which is unique to this model and very often missing.


The optics would require a full internal clean and service etc if intended for use. 


In addition, the binoculars come complete with an incredibly rare storage case, made from an ersatz leatherette type material, which was uniquely produced by Srb & Stys and is clearly marked to the rear 'bmk 1943 WaAC52'. The case is also fitted with the full-length brown leather shoulder strap - making it the only fully complete example of this type which we have ever seen! 


It would prove extremely difficult to upgrade upon this set in such great cosmetic condition, and they would certainly make a brilliant addition to any collection!