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Srb & Stys 'bmk' 7x50 Dienstglas binoculars

Srb & Stys 'bmk' 7x50 Dienstglas binoculars


A near mint pair of 7x50 service binoculars presented in the typical late-war silver/grey smooth two-tone finish.


This particular pair are clearly maker coded 'bmk', indicating production by Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente, Prag. The blue lubrication triangle also signifies their suitability for use in colder climes. 


The optics, which still contain the Strichplatte rangefinder reticle within the right side, will require a service to be restored to an operational state.


They also come complete with the original factory-applied leather neck strap and leather ocular rainguard, which is unique to this model. 


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