Signals Corps pole climbing belt + spikes 'cgn 43'

Signals Corps pole climbing belt + spikes 'cgn 43'


A rare and complete set of Signals Corps pole climbing equipment - including the large, heavy duty brown leather waist belt and a pair of foot traps with climbing spikes. 


Remarkably, this set is totally untouched and retains all of the leather auxiliary straps and buckles. The belt is very nicely marked to one end with the '90' size mark and the maker's code/date stamp 'cgn 43', denoting manufacture by Rohrbacher Lederfabrik, Josef Poeschels Soehne, Rohrbach during 1943.


The large karabiner clip is marked with the typical 'SC' logo, indicating production by Schmöle & Co, Menden/Sauerland


The spiked foot traps retain a fair amount of the original silver finish, as well as the leather attachment straps and grey painted roller buckles. 


Interestingly, this exact model of climbing belt can also be seen in use with Fallschirmjäger, as immortalised on the front cover of "Signal" magazine in 1945 (see last photo). 


Overall, an incredible set of field equipment which would make a perfect addition to any signals/communications collection or to be used to create a truly unique mannequin setup!