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Sd.Kfz. MG34/42 'MG-Munition' drum storage box

Sd.Kfz. MG34/42 'MG-Munition' drum storage box


A scarce original late-war 'MG-Munition' storage box which would have been held within various types of armoured vehicle to store six MG34/42 50 round drums. 


This particular example retains much of the original tan paint to the exterior, as well as the stencil 'MG-Munition' designation. Internally, nearly all of the red oxide primer colour remains, and the box is ink WaA proof marked on the inside of the lid. Perhaps of even greater significance, is the retention of all of the internal dividers which are nearly always missing! 


*Please note: The MG drums are shown for display only and are NOT included with the storage box. 

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