Patronenkasten 900 + 40x 7.92x57mm ammo boxes

Patronenkasten 900 + 40x 7.92x57mm ammo boxes


An original wooden 'Patronenkasten 900' ammunition box, complete with 40 individual 7.92x57mm card ammunition boxes as used with the K98k, MG34/42, G/K43 etc (empty).


All of the boxes retain their original factory labels, with various types included: such as 'S.m.K.' tracer, 'Platzpatronen' drill rounds, 'P.m.K.' armour piercing (including a tropical example!) amongst others - with dates between 1934-1944. 


A great item for any collector of ordnance related gear or to form part of a weapon display/mannequin diorama! 

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