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Patronenkasten 88 + 70x 7.92x57mm ammo boxes

Patronenkasten 88 + 70x 7.92x57mm ammo boxes


An original wooden Patronenkasten 88 ammunition box, complete with 70 (!) empty 7.92x57mm card ammunition boxes as used with the K98k, MG34/42, G/K43 etc.


All of the paper ammo boxes are in well used condition, but retain their original factory labels - with various types included and all are dated between 1935-1944. 


The wooden storage crate itself is retained in very good condition and is a true combat veteran! Dated for manufacture in 1936, it is clear to see that its last active label was applied to the exterior in 1944! Unusually, all of the leather and canvas also straps remain present which is not often the case. 


Overall, a great item for any collector of ordnance related gear or to form part of a weapon display/mannequin diorama! 

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