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Named & matching Luftwaffe M38 gas mask set

Named & matching Luftwaffe M38 gas mask set


An excellent M38 gas mask set consisting of the (tall) canister, carry straps, matching mask, spare lenses, spare lens rims, internal cloth retainer spring and Bakelite Losantin container. 


The name label inside the lid indicates that the original owner of this set (Obgefr. Reitershan) was enlisted as part of the Luftwaffe unit Flugzeugführer-Doppelschule A 43 which was formed in October 1943. The unit was eventually disbanded on 16th April 1945, and the remains were incorporated into both the 20. & 21. Fallschirmjäger-Divisions


Further markings, including another repeat of the name and Feldpost number, can be found to the bottom of the canister. 


All in all this is a great, matching and untouched set and one which could possibly form the basis of further research! 

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