MP44 magazine 'fxo WaA37'

MP44 magazine 'fxo WaA37'


A very good original wartime produced example of the 30 round magazine for the legendary MP44 (also MP43, StG44 etc) Sturmgewehr assault rifle. 


This particular one still retains the vast majority of the original blued finish, and is nicely maker coded 'fxo', indicating production by C.G. Haenel, Waffen- u. Fahrradfabrik, Suhl.


Notably there are also some other serial numbers and/or inventory numbers applied to the head area, as shown. 


A magazine that has become hard to find within the UK, and one that is perfect to be paired with a rifle or to display with a magazine pouch! 


*Please note that this item is only available to customers whose postal address is situated within the UK mainland. No international shipping.