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Mint Waffenmeister MG42 small spare parts kit

Mint Waffenmeister MG42 small spare parts kit


An excellent original Waffenmeister small spares set for the MG42. The kit comes with all of the numerous small parts shown, most of which are maker marked, inclduing: complete pistol grip screw set, trigger group internals, safety/fire selector switch, various springs and assorted small bolt parts. 


These are all stored within a truly stunning, mint condition small parts box which is clearly ink Waffenamt marked. The tin retains 99% of the original grey/green paint to the exterior and the typical red oxide primer colour on the interior. 


Certainly a choice item for any MG collection! 


*Please note: Any restricted parts, such as firing pins etc, have been cut to render them deactivated and suitable for display purposes only.  

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