E. Leitz 'Bidox' 6x30 binoculars + complete accessories set

E. Leitz 'Bidox' 6x30 binoculars + complete accessories set


A simply superb set of pre-war period 6x30 field binoculars in nigh on mint condition, exactly as they were found! 


This particular pair retain 95% of the original black paint finish and are very nicely maker marked 'E. Leitz Wetzlar', as well as the model designation 'Bidox'. This a very rarely seen commercial model (first produced from 1927 onwards) that was repurposed for military use! 


They come with all of the original fitted accessories, including the leather neck strap, stunning speckled Bakelite ocular guard and leather button tab flap or Knopflasche - note the bronze anodised studs, typical of Leitz manufactured items! 


In addition, the set also comes with the original sun filters and even the dust brush - identical to those supplied with sniper scopes and other optics! 


The optics are still perfectly functional and retain the H/6400 Strichplatte rangefinder reticule in the right-hand side! 


The set is all stored within the original black leather case which, unlike most, also remains fitted with the full length leather shoulder carry strap. 


A truly amazing and likely one-off survivor to find in this condition, complete with all the associated accessories!