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Mint 8x30 Dienstglas case 'rln WaA202' + sun filters

Mint 8x30 Dienstglas case 'rln WaA202' + sun filters


A very scarce mint condition original storage case which was made specifically for the late-war Zeiss 8x30 Dienstglas binoculars.


The case itself is produced from the typical Ersatz rubberised material which was utilised by Carl Zeiss Jena throughout the war. However, in this instance the colour was switched from black to brown during the latter stages of the war - a commonly seen feature of many of the very last 'rln' coded variants to be produced during 1944/45. 


The case retains all of the original internal fittings, including both of the yellow sun filter lenses to the inside of the lid (N.B. these are the correct examples and not post-war produced copies etc).


It would prove nigh on impossible to upgrade this example. If you are lucky enough to own a late-war pair of Zeiss 8x30 Dienstglas, then here's the perfect accessory should they be missing the case!

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