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MGZ40 MG34/42 Lafette optic 'dpw'

MGZ40 MG34/42 Lafette optic 'dpw'


A very nice MGZ40 optic which would have been used in conjunction with the MG34/42, to assist with more accurate direct fire at range, when fitted to the heavy Lafette tripod.


This particular example is finished in the original factory applied Dunkelgelb paint, which is preserved to a very high percentage, and is maker coded 'dpw' for Zeiss-Ikon A-G, Goerzwerk, Berlin. Also note the blue triangle lubricant marking above this, which indicates the suitability of the use of this scope in colder climes. 


The optics are clear with only a slight haze, and the scope still retains the V-shaped aiming reticule. All adjustment dials function well, and both spirit level vials are also intact. We believe the rubber eyecup is a later addition, although this is often the case due to originals being prone to perish over time. 


Overall, a great example which is sure to complete any mid-late war MG Lafette display very well indeed! 



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