MG34 Lafette tripod mount '968 1940' + carry straps 'WaA'

MG34 Lafette tripod mount '968 1940' + carry straps 'WaA'


A superb, fully functional heavy Lafette 34 tripod for the MG34. 


This particular one is a scarcely seen, early production example produced by Hülsbeck & Fürst, Schlossfabrik - as indicated by the '968' triangle code marking - in early 1940.


The tripod has undergone a sympathetic restoration - including a repaint back into the period style field grey, correct for this date of Lafette. Where parts in the wartime applied factory feldgrau have survived, such as on the leg release handles and recoil buffer, these have been retained in their original state and left uncovered. 


The traverse and elevation mechanism retains its correct original first-model Überschießtafel overhead firing data plaque, made from aluminium. 


As is typical for an early example, the tripod is littered with plenty of Waffenamt markings to the smaller parts throughout. 


The tripod also comes fitted with a pair of original leather shoulder carry straps, as shown. 


All adjustment mechanisms remain fully functional and it is ready to accept any MG34 to make for a truly stunning display! 


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