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MG34 gunner's tool pouch 'Budischovsky, Wien, 1940'

MG34 gunner's tool pouch 'Budischovsky, Wien, 1940'


A very nice original example of the early-war MG34 gunner's tool kit pouch or Werkzeugtasche.


This particular example is manufactured from black leather and is very nicely maker marked 'Budischovsky, Wien WaA47' and dated 1940. 


Fortunately, the pouch still retains the internal fixtures and fittings - including the tray to hold the AA spider sight and spanner loop. A pair of clips also remain to the inside of the lid, which would have held a small calibre gauge. This feature was only found on some early examples and was often removed! 


Overall, a very nice example of the early MG34 gunner's pouch which are becoming increasingly scarce to find in this condition! 

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