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MG34 gunner's tool kit 'gxy 1942'

MG34 gunner's tool kit 'gxy 1942'


An exceptionally nice original MG34 gunner's tool kit set! This particular one is near complete (except for the bolt) and is held within a mid-war smooth black leather pouch, which is clearly maker coded and dated 'gxy 1942' to denote manufacture by Gebr. Klinge, Lederwarenfabrik, Dresden-Lobtau. Fortunately, the pouch retains all of its internal fixtures and fittings to hold the tools.


All of the contents are of original period manufacture - unlike many other kits out there - which consists of the following pieces:


  • MG34 anti-aircraft spider sight 'WaA4'
  • Rare Lafette tripod 11-13 adjustment wrench 'hey 41'
  • MG34 ruptured case extractor 'WaA20'
  • MG34 angled screwdriver 'bhm'
  • MG34 large wrench 'B WaA'
  • MG black Bakelite sulphur container 
  • MG banjo oil can
  • Rubberised canvas muzzle cover
  • Rubber muzzle cover


Overall, this is a simply excellent set, and should you only want one of these in your collection - here it is! 

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