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MG34 E-Kasten 'F6977 1941'

MG34 E-Kasten 'F6977 1941'


A very nice, near mint example of a steel Patronenkasten 34 ammo can which was repurposed for use as an MG34 E-Kasten (spare parts box) in the fulfilment of the Portuguese Contract.


This example retains 95%+ of the original factory-applied dark green paint, as well as the white 'E' designation marking. The serial number of the MG34 (6977 f) with which this box was originally paired is also marked on one side.


The box is clearly date stamped '1941' to the lid, and all of the handles also retain the original leather covers. 


It is highly likely that the MG34 and wooden transit chest etc which were once issued with this E-kasten are still in existence today - so here's a fantastic opportunity to complete the set should you be in possession of any of those items already! 

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