MG34 E-Kasten 'ayd WaA' + contents

MG34 E-Kasten 'ayd WaA' + contents


A very nice example of the MG34 E-Kasten or Ersatzteilkasten (spare parts box), which comes complete with all of the original contents as shown! 


This set is housed in a steel Patronenkasten 41 model ammo can which was repurposed for use as an E-Kasten, with the appropiate stencilling, and was originally linked to the MG34 with serial number '5113'.


The tin retains much of the original wartime field grey paint finish over red oxide primer. It is also Waffenamt marked and maker coded 'ayd'.


All of the handles remain fully functional whilst also featuring the original leather covers! 


Internally, the contents remain in full original condition and include the following:


  • MG34 feed tray 'cof' - correct Waffenmeister spare unnumbered example
  • MG34 feed block - correct Waffenmeister spare unnumbered example
  • MG34 muzzle cone soak tin 'WaA778' marked
  • MG34 wrench 'bsw WaA4' marked 
  • MG hammer/wrench multi tool 'bsw WaA4' marked
  • MG rubber muzzle covers x15 
  • MG oil can 'H.J.B' maker coded
  • MG belt starter tabs x2 - 'cvo' maker coded
  • Wood handled cleaning brush
  • Assorted springs


A scarcely seen MG34 related accessory, especially with all of the original contents included!


**PLEASE NOTE that this item is only available to customers whose postal address is situated within the UK mainland. No international shipping.