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MG34/42 tan camouflage E-Kasten '1940 WaA'

MG34/42 tan camouflage E-Kasten '1940 WaA'


A very nice lightweight aluminium Patronenkasten 34 ammo can which has been camouflage painted and repurposed for use as an E-Kasten (spare parts box) for the MG34/42. 


This example retains the vast majority of the tan camouflage overpaint, with parts of the factory grey still visible beneath paint, as well as the black 'E.K.' stencil designation marking. There are also a few other black paint marks which look to have occurred during subsequent storage.


The box is clearly dated 1940 to the lid, along with the maker's logo and a Waffenamt marking. All of the handles also retain their original leather covers. 




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