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Tan camouflage MG34/42 ammo tin 'FWCo 1940'

Tan camouflage MG34/42 ammo tin 'FWCo 1940'


A very nice lightweight aluminium Patronenkasten 34 ammo can for the MG34/42. 


This example retains the vast majority of the tan camouflage paint, with parts of the factory field grey (and red oxide primer) still visible beneath. It has a Waffenmeister field-modified locking catch, which functions perfectly and was clearly fitted before receiving the tropical camouflage overpaint. 


The box is dated 1940 to the lid, along with a Waffenamt and the 'FWCo' maker's logo for Fritz Weber & Co. The top of the box has also been marked with the 'S.m.K.' (Spitzgeschoss mit Kern) designation to signify that the box contained armour piercing rounds for use with the MG! 


All of the handles also retain their original Presstoff and leather covers. A great piece for any MG34/42 collection or equipment display! 

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