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MG34/42 Presstoff gunner's tool pouch 'fuq 1945'

MG34/42 Presstoff gunner's tool pouch 'fuq 1945'


A very nice original late-war MG34/42 gunner's tool kit pouch or Werkzeugtasche.


This particular example is manufactured from black Presstoff and is clearly maker coded/dated 'fuq 1945' to denote manufacture by Curt Vogel, Cottbus. Markings, including the MG serial number '2184', have been applied to the front and remains can also be found to grey painted lid. This is likely to have been applied in continued service post-war.


Fortunately, the pouch still retains all of its internal fixtures and fittings - including a section of tan coloured Presstoff for the bolt base!

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