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MG34/42 Patronengurt 34/41 'bhm 44'

MG34/42 Patronengurt 34/41 'bhm 44'


An exceedingly rare example of a 1944 dated 'Patronengurt 34/41' (7th generation) 50 round belt as used with the MG34/42. This model represents the last known variant to have been produced, and still survive today, before the so-called 'Gurt 44' was apparently introduced. 


This particular example is retained in very good condition, and is nicely marked with the maker code and date 'bhm44', indicating production by Gustav Auerswald, Besteckfabrik, Grünhain. This is the first dated example of its type that we have ever had or even seen, and as such we do not expect to get another again at any point soon! 



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