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MG34/42 MGZ40 Lafette optic 'cme' + collimator

MG34/42 MGZ40 Lafette optic 'cme' + collimator


A superb late-war, boxed example of the MGZ40 model optic (and collimator!) as used in conjunction with the MG34/42 when fitted to the heavy Lafette tripod.


This particular set retains the original tan paint throughout and both parts are matching maker coded 'cme', denoting the Hilderbrann Wickmann Werke manufacturer. 


The optics remain clear with only a slight haze, and the scope still retains the V-shaped aiming reticule. The optical view is however canted somewhat to the right side and so this may require adjustment to level if needed. 


All adjustment dials function well and both spirit vials are also intact. The rubber eyecup is also original and in excellent condition for its age.


The box retains all of the internal fittings to hold the optic, as well as the collimator and cleaning cloth etc. To the exterior the remains of the 'MGZ40' model designation are visible to the top, as well as the 'cme' code painted just beneath this. Both of the canvas belt loops and tabs are also still fitted to the rear! 


Overall, this represents a great matching set which is sure to be a showpiece item within any MG/optic collection and would certainly complete a MG Lafette display very well indeed!

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