MG34/42 MGZ Lafette optic periscope attachment

MG34/42 MGZ Lafette optic periscope attachment


A rare and completely untouched example of the periscope attachment for the MG34/42 MGZ optic, as was used in conjunction with the heavy Lafette tripod. 


Designed to help the MG gunner maintain a lower profile whilst firing, this particular piece remains finished in the original wartime factory green - with a darker camouflage shade later applied in the field. The serial number of the MG or MGZ optic with which this attachment was used was also nicely applied at the same time, as shown. 


The optic still remains clear and usable, with the retaining/locking nut also intact and fully functional to enable it to be securely attached to an MGZ scope. 


A very scarcely seen MG accessory, particularly in both original wartime yet functional condition, that would certainly complete any MG34/42 Lafette/MGZ setup very well indeed!