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MG34/42 Laufschützer 43/1 barrel case 'bpr PJ'

MG34/42 Laufschützer 43/1 barrel case 'bpr PJ'


A very rare original Laufschutzer 43/1 model spare barrel case for the MG34 & MG42. This particular model is unique within the lineup of different variations produced throughout the war, and utilises a stamped construction method to form the internal barrel rests. 


The case is marked to one end with the maker code 'bpr' to indicate production by Johannes Grossfuss, Metall- u. Locierwarenfabrik, Doebeln, Saxony, as well as the date code 'pj' to signify the year 1944. 


Both the tan exterior and internal red oxide paint whilst the correct for this model, do appear to have been applied since the war. Nonetheless, this appears to have been carried out some time ago, given the clearly aged appearance, and certainly takes nothing away from the fact that this variation is hard to find today, in any condition! 


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