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MG34/42 Kl. Wffm. Werkzeug tool kit 'Hahn & Kolb 1940'

MG34/42 Kl. Wffm. Werkzeug tool kit 'Hahn & Kolb 1940'


A simply superb original, early-war example of the Kl. Waffenmeister Werkzeug (small armourer's tool kit), which was used for maintaining and repairing the MG34 & MG42 machine guns whilst in service.


This particular set comes complete with all of the original tools and accessories as shown, most of which are maker marked and coded. Indeed, so good is the condition in which these tools are retained, they could surely still fulfil their same job today if needed! 


The folding tool kit sleeve is nicely maker marked and dated 'Hahn & Kolb H, 1940' (pictured). This part remains in excellent condition, and also still retains all of the clips to hold the tools in place.


All of this is stored within the grey & brown spray camouflage Patronenkasten 34 model box, which is dated 1939, displays the maker's logo and is Waffenamt marked. 


Overall, this is a truly outstanding and 'textbook' example of this highly desirable MG34/42 accessory. Certainly the best of its type that we have ever had to offer! 

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