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MG34/42 drum set 'hqu43' + carrier '959 43'

MG34/42 drum set 'hqu43' + carrier '959 43'


A very nice complete and untouched twin drum (Gurttrommel) and drum carrier (Gurttrommelträger) set for the MG34/42. 


Despite clear combat use, the field grey paint (over red oxide primer) remains present to a high degree on all three pieces. This is then overtopped with the remains of storage grease. 


All components are dated 1943, with both of the drums being matching maker coded 'hqu'. The carry frame is clearly marked '959 43' and Waffenamt to one end - alongside a hand applied serial number of the MG34/42 to which this set was once issued! 


Overall, a great opportunity to pick up what is highly likely to be a wartime issue set and not one which has been put together post-war! 

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