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Medic converted MG34/42 ammo box 'ada 1943'

Medic converted MG34/42 ammo box 'ada 1943'


A nice example of a field medic box which has been repurposed from an MG34/42 Patronenkasten 41 model ammo can, finished in a white base coat with the red cross and medic emblem oversprayed.


At some stage this has all been overpainted in black, with a fair amount of this layer remaining - mainly to either end of the box - but the potential for it to be removed. The interior is finished in the original factory red oxide paint.


The box is Waffenamt and maker marked/dated 'ada 1943' to the top.


A very interesting and far more seldom seen variation of the combat medic box in the all over white/red cross pattern!

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