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Matching ZF41/1 K98k sharpshooter's scope 'cag'

Matching ZF41/1 K98k sharpshooter's scope 'cag'


A simply superb example of the ZF41/1 model 1.5x sharpshooter's scope for the K98k rifle. As a scope, the ZF41 and all of its variants were used relatively widely between 1941-1945. The benefit of both acquiring targets at longer ranges, whilst also increasing the accuracy of fire at such distances, proved significant.


This particular example of the ZF41/1 scope (ex ZF40) was produced under the maker code 'cag', which denotes manufacture by Swarovski, Tirol. This represents one of the scarcer makers of this particular optic, with only 34 examples recorded as surviving today. 


The blue (+) lubrication marking dates the production of this example to some time during 1943, as well as indicating the suitability for use within cold environments. 


The scope also still retains its original mount which is in similarly good condition, and marked with the serial number of the K98k to which this scope was once paired. The mount is also clearly marked 'duv WaA214' to the right arm for Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik, Lübeck - the facility where all of ZF41 mounts were made throughout the war. 


Both of the original front and rear rain shields remain with the set and are extremely nice rough-milled examples. 


All of these parts are stored within the matching numbered scope tin, which retains the majority of its factory paint, canvas belt loop and internal fittings. This is nicely maker coded 'jvb WaA542' for Wessel & Müller, Beschlagfabrik


Lastly, the optics. If these could ever be rated at 11/10, then this scope would certainly fit into that category. The view (including the reticule) through the optic is by far the sharpest we have ever seen on any ZF41 model scope - making it a perfect example for display or use! 

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