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Luftwaffe MG15 gunner's tool pouch 'fzs 42'

Luftwaffe MG15 gunner's tool pouch 'fzs 42'


A very nice original plane-mounted gunner's pouch for the MG15, as would have been found within various Luftwaffe aircraft such as the He111, Ju52, Me Bf110 etc.


This particular example is produced from orange Presstoff material and is nicely marked with the typical Luftwaffe proof markings and FL part number, along with the maker code and date 'fzs 42' to denote production by H. Krieghoff, Suhl during 1942. 


As well as one of the tools, which is also Luftamt marked, remaining inside; all of the internal fittings and exterior aluminium mounting brackets also remain completely intact. 

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