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Leitz 'beh' 7x50 Kriegsmarine U-boat binoculars

Leitz 'beh' 7x50 Kriegsmarine U-boat binoculars


A nice original and untouched pair of the earlier Porro II variation of 7x50 U-boat binoculars produced by Leitz Wetzlar, under the 'beh' code, for use by Kriegsmarine.


This particular set also come complete with the original Leitz case, which is made from black Presstoff and dated 1941. The case also retains the large Kriegsmarine eagle (intact) to the top of the lid, as shown. 


The view through the optics remains free of debris, but is hazy and so this pair would certainly benefit from a service if so desired. Nonetheless, they remain as a great display piece for any optic, Kriegmarine or U-boat specific collector! 

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