Leitz 8x60 Kriegsmarine U-boat Commander binoculars 'beh'

Leitz 8x60 Kriegsmarine U-boat Commander binoculars 'beh'


A very scarce original pair of the Leitz 'beh' 8x60 binoculars, which were issued by the Kriegsmarine exclusively to U-Boat commanders! 


Whilst this pair have clearly 'been there', they still retain the majority of the rubber armour that is so often missing. Indeed, aside from the somewhat crudely repaired left ocular guard, the rubber actually remains in good condition with just the typical age related wear etc. 


The optics (internal lenses) will require a full cleaning/service in order to return them to a usable state. However, the focussing adjustments still function and the external lenses retain the majority of the original blue coating. The internal reticule (vertical aiming line) also still appears to be intact within the right-hand side. 


Overall, a very honest and presentable set of this more scarcely encountered model U-Boat commander binocular, which would make a nice addition to any KM or U-Boat display!

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