Leitz 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars 'beh' + case 'beh 1944'

Leitz 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars 'beh' + case 'beh 1944'


A stunning, mint condition pair of 7x50 binoculars produced by Leitz Wetzlar (under the 'beh' maker code), as used by Kriegsmarine surface ship / U-boat crewmen etc. 


Unlike most, this pair still retains the original rubber armour to the bridge section and both objectives. This armour remains in great shape and is undamaged due to this set clearly having always been stored away in the accompanying case. 


As is often the case with such Leitz optics, whilst still usable as is, this pair would certainly benefit from a internal service/clean to return them to a fully functional state due to some internal outgassing and debris buildup. 


They come complete with their original black pebbled leather and Presstoff storage case, which also remains in similarly great condition. The case bears the matching 'beh' maker code and is dated 1944, as well as having the large KM eagle property mark to the lid. 


Hands down one of the best cosmetic condition sets of this type which we have ever seen or handled!