Late-war ZF4 sniper scope 'ddx K43' + accessories

Late-war ZF4 sniper scope 'ddx K43' + accessories


A superb original late-war period ZF4 scope in near mint condition, complete with its original fitted accessories exactly as it was found. 


This particular example was produced under the maker code 'ddx', which identifies the manufacturer as Voigtländer u. Sohn AG, Braunschweig. As per some of the late war examples, this one is also nicely inscribed 'K43' to denote it's intended use with the Karabiner 43 semi-automatic rifle. 


The optics and reticle are crystal clear, along with a working elevation dial, meaning that this example still remains in a fully functional and usable condition! 


The original fitted accessories include the rubber eyepiece and the rare orange sun filter lens, which fits in between the two main components. 


This is up there with the very best ZF4 scopes that we have ever handled, and would be almost impossible to upgrade! 


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